800+ Global English

Build a powerful vocabulary using just over 800 high-frequency words.

Build a powerful vocabulary using just over 800 high-frequency words in 48 lessons.

A real, virtual teacher will guide you every step of the way.

Our properieteary senseory recognition will track your speaking progress in real-time

Pre-class, in-class, after-class scenarios with Interactive speed-learning exercises.

Mini English

Lots of really great Mini English lessons

All Mini English lessons come free with the purchase of the system.

Parents can track their child's learning progress even if the parent doesn't speak English.

Covers a full 35 fields of learning, more than 3,380 additional English vocabulary words.

Creates a new learning style with advanced practice and learning tools.

Why us?

Online education mission: President Xi said: Building a network + online education allows "everyone to learns, can learn everywhere, always learn" society

Introduction to the concept of acquisition: The famous American linguistic master Krashen's "Second Language Acquisition" theory was first applied in the domestic 800+ system.

Our product's unique advantage: Carefully select 800+ high frequency essential vocabulary, lets you listen, follow, record, compare words and sentences anytime, anywhere

Curriculum design standard: Compared to the Common European Language Reference Standard, Our American Localization "Virtual Classroom" makes it easy for students to reach level B2